Garage Sale

Christmas Garage Sale
Posted on 11/22/2016
Mrs. Rumney's grade 5 class will be hosting a  Christmas Garage Sale on Tuesday December 6th. This will be our 5th annual event. We are looking for items for the sale from the community. Ridding your house of clutter is a great incentive but as a thank you for your donation your family will receive a small monetary coupon that can be spent at the garage sale. The class will take toys, Christmas items, bake sale items and jewelry. The last of the Halloween candy still kicking around? Send it in we will get rid of it for you! Please do not send in clothes or books as they tend not to be great sellers. If you are able to send in items asap it will help us get organized. The profits will be going to help families in our community, local children's charities and the marathon club event.‚Äč