Cross Country Update

Cross Country Running Update
Posted on 11/07/2016

Running All the Way to Counties!

On Wednesday, October 12th, 45 SMO students raced at Sunnydale Park in the annual Cross Country Running Competition.  Based on those results, 13 SMO runners then moved on to the County Competition on Tuesday October 18th, at Mount St. Louis.  From the thirteen runners that moved on, there were nine individual runners and one team of four Gr. 7 boys.

Counties went great! One SMO student placed in the top five, one in the top 15, two in the top 30, seven in the top 100 and one just above 100.  Again, the Gr. 7 boys came out strong and placed as the third best team.

Coach Forget describes running as “a sport that you can do for the rest of your life”.  This energetic activity is a great way to get involved in physical activity, while also being able to enjoy the outdoors.  Even though Cross Country is a race with individual results, it also includes lots of teamwork. Running is a great way to kick of your day.

Emmett H., placing in third, says, “It was a lot of fun.  Special thanks to Mr. Forget.  Without him, we wouldn’t have had this great opportunity.”