Behaviour Expectations and Accountability

At St. Monica's, we follow a Progressive Discipline model.  All students have been introduced to the model in an assembly at the beginning of the year to understand the process.

Progressive Discipline Model

Incident and Intervention forms are completed by a supervising adult in order to communicate with parents that their child was spoken to by an adult.  These forms are for information and require a parent signature to acknowledge that they have seen the form. 

We kindly ask that the form is returned to school the next day for tracking purposes.  (At times, it is requested that the parent speak to the child about the behaviour noted, but generally speaking it is for information for the parent only.)

Incident and Intervention Form

Ultimately, we are looking for students to be accountable for their behaviour.

If warranted, the teacher/principal may contact the parent directly to discuss behaviours and proactively look for solutions.

Please contact the school if you have any questions regarding the process and the tracking.