Forest of Reading

Just For the Fun of it, Read a Book!
Posted on 03/10/2017

Just For the Fun of It - Join the Forest of Reading!

Forest of Reading is back! With it’s return brings a new collection of books and an excited group of students. This group of amazing readers is organized by Mrs. Priest, our teacher Librarian who runs our school Library, in partnership with the Ontario Library Association.

This program is run in different age categories to allow students to read books that match their interests and reading levels.There are different groups for different ages. The age categories are broken down into 4 different categories:

  • Blue Spruce is for Kindergarten to Gr.  2 students,

  • Silver Birch Express is for Gr. 3-4 students,

  • Silver Birch is fo Gr. 5-6 students and

  • Red Maple for Gr. 7-8 students.

On April 20th, 2017 these groups will come together for a pizza party and vote on what books from fiction and nonfiction they like best . Students can only vote if they have read six books in each category. At the end, if the students have read all the books, they have a chance to participate in a fun field trip. Mrs. Priest hopes that they will be going golfing.

These students are doing a great job with their reading so far and hopefully they will keep up the good work. Just for the fun of it, ”Read A Book!”