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Christmas Garage Sale a success!!
Published on Dec 6, 2017 12:50

Hi there SMO

     A great big thank you to everyone involved in the Christmas Garage and Bake Sale. It was a huge success, with just over $1700.00 being raised. The funds will be used in our school for needy families over the festive season and the Marathon Club. In our community we will be supporting the Season Centre for Grieving Children and the Out of the Cold program. 
            Still want to get in on the fun and support great causes? 

     The raffle draw is still going on and you have time to get tickets. We have over 10 different prizes, from a Wii fit, crafty basket, snowman basket, doll basket (retail value $200) and a snowglobe that turns and plays music and more. We will be selling tickets during the day, at the evening Christmas concert and the junior sing-a-long. The draw will be held during the day at the school Christmas concert on December 21st.

Mrs. Rumney's elfish class