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6th Annual Christmas Garage Sale!!
Published on Nov 20, 2017 11:48

Hey St. Monica’s Families

11 days!....................... The countdown is on :)......................  

Our 6th annual Christmas garage sale is coming up in two weeks! This would be a great time to rid yourself of some clutter before the holidays. Any toys, jewelry, dad or Christmas items you are willing to donate please send them into school to help out families and children in your community. Halloween candy kicking around? Send it in and we will get rid of it for you and help out needy families to boot! Bringing a bag of donations gets you 4 free wrappings at the elf station as a thank you for your kindness:)   

Don’t have anything to donate?The Christmas Garage Sale is Tuesday December 5th in the morning in the school foyer. Make sure you send in a little bit of money so your child can get their Christmas shopping done. Remind them to hit the elf wrapping station to make it a surprise for you too :)


 Mrs. Rumney’s elfish class :)