Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread House Building Fun!
Posted on 12/14/2016

Christmas carols ringing, kids laughing in their pajamas, and parents helping make gingerbread houses.

No it wasn't Christmas morning, it was the scene Friday morning in Mrs. Rodman’s, Ms. Brennan’s and Mrs. Power Hann’s grades 1 and 2 classes.
This great idea came from the teachers and it was clear the kids had a great time. The gingerbread house supplies were brought in by the teachers but most of the decorating candy came from students and parents. The festive spirit was all around as children, who had created mini gingerbread houses the day before, got to work decorating with their parents who had set aside time to help their kids.  Each child built their own mini gingerbread house to take home.

Even though the kids had a lot of fun making their gingerbread houses, it was clear there was something they were more interested in. One student said “My favourite part is eating it.”