Ms. Darlington

Embracing 2020 in Grade 5 at St. Monica's Catholic School! February

This month, let our goal be showing others how much they mean to us in our Catholic school community. Let us embrace meaningful friendships through our learning and play at school! Let us embrace love in our hearts at home! 


Note: This page will be updated weekly (generally Sunday), and as needed throughout the week. In aligning with an ECO school, our monthly calendar can be found on the left column. FEB will be added this week.

Upcoming dates/Other: 
This month is Black History Month
Term 1 report cards go home on FEB 20th.
Skating was a wonderful success- thank you for your support of this event (part of our physical education)!
Thank you for your contributions to our Friendship fruit salad on FEB. 14th. Unfortunately, we did not get to a movie as our class had several disruptive behaviours during our indoor lunch recess. Let us reflect on how our choices impact on others. Let us seek positive leadership and choices in our learning and play. Finally, let's work together to have this movie soon! Please review this message with your child! 

Family Day: I hope you enjoyed a lovely day with family!

Please stay up to date with Labour Action. Updates have continued to be posted on our board website.

Supplies needed for classroom:
Thank you for the contributions for the canvas boards.
kleenex (thank you to parents who sent in a box)

 Balloons February birthdays:

               Ryder- FEB 14th!

Week at a Glance:  Feb 17th- 21st

MONDAY- No school-- Family Day!
WEDNESDAY- Gym, Pizza/ milk
THURSDAY-  Short week- assess work completion! 
FRIDAY- No School- Strike Day! 

Please note: Samples of assessment will be kept in your child's assessment folder and will go home at the end of Term 1 with your child's scrapbook of learning.

A friendly reminder: Some assessment comments can be found in your child's Google classroom account. 

Tentative schedule for learning this week (subject to change):


Writing/ word work/ other
- Finishing a "yummy" paragraph! (returning to paragraph focus), returning to work, editing others work (peer editing focus)
- Journals. A reminder: Please initial your child's journal upon review each week. Guide your child with proper paragraph form and structure. Remind your child to be an editor of his/her own work= editing eyes! :)


- Reading to self and reading to others. Reading groups and/or novel studies. Nelson literacy (science)

Oral communication- ​no specific focus

Media literacy-- not covered this week

Some tips to support your child with literacy at home:

Number sense: 
- leading into division (3 digit divided by 1 digit numbers) 
- please practise 2 digit multiplication x 2 digit multiplication at home
Note: If your child is challenged with 1 digit multiplication facts, this will slow down 2 digit multiplication processes as well as division. Practise, practise, practise! 

Data management: 
- interpreting and drawing conclusions from data including understanding mean, median and mode

Patterning and algebra: 
- determining missing numbers in equations involving addition, subtraction and multiplication (Example: What is the missing number in 7= 77 divided by ?)

Students: Practise multiplication tables

Learn about math concepts.

Evening math talk!

Do you want some ideas to support your child with math at home:

Please review/ initial weekly "check in" on math learning. 


Science: ​ ​​Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms
Sharing our tower building and leading into research on world structures. A rubric for this assessment will be posted in our Google classroom (once reviewed with students this week). 

Social Studies: Taught by Mrs. Priest (A Days)

Religion: Ordinary Time, prayers, intentions, reflection and meditation, a focus on friendships (February, a month of love)

Physical Education:
- continued focus on fitness circuits and movement skills in these circuits 

Health:  ​Not covered this week

Taught by Madame O'Connell (B Days)


The Arts (Visual Arts): short week- no visual arts this week

DRAMA- covered by non-classroom teacher