Ms. Darlington

Embracing 2020 in Grade 5 at St. Monica's Catholic School! rainbow (image from: PLEASE: Stay safe, stay healthy, embrace family time and the outdoors! Most importantly: STAY HOME! At present, please visit this web page for valuable resources!


Note: This page will be updated weekly (generally Sunday), and as needed throughout the week. In aligning with an ECO school, our monthly calendar can be found on the left column.

Important/ Updates: 
1/ Please stay up to date with messages from our Director of Education. Main message: Stay home! 
2/ Please take the time to complete the survey that was sent out by our board re: access to technology at home.
3/At present, I will not post my usual week-at-a-glance. 

The act of giving: To the SMO staff who generously gave their time and devotion to serve families in need during this time- thank you. A true gift of compassion! 

Dear parent/s:

I have posted some options for ongoing learning while we are not together. At present, continued learning is your choice as a parent/child. As you know, this web page has been accessible all year. My tip to your family during this time that we are home is to keep home learning engaging or it will be a chore! (And, your child might begin to drive you crazy!) 

This is a wonderful time to build on mental health, well being and living skills at home: cooking, new chores, planting seeds for later in the garden, quiet moments such as Yoga online. Teach your child/children how to look up addresses in the phone book, show them how to order groceries on line with you, get them to google a topic of interest and orally share what they have learned, encourage them to learn a French song, label recycling bins with pictures, research 3 things that they want to learn about a country that they want to travel to, etc.! Explore new horizons for learning to keep your children engaged at home! Remember, learning is optional for your family until further direction in our board.

Happy learning. Stay healthy! 

Ms. Darlington 

You will need to copy & paste web site links (in orange). I am unable to insert hyperlinks. There are some great websites listed below. My suggestion to you and your family is to explore 1 or 2 sites on a rainy day or on a day or when you are looking for a bit of home learning! Keep the learning light! :) 

***Check out this web site with 60 nature activities for children of all ages. Nature is our best friend right now!!***

Check out these kids lunch ideas! This is a great time to have your children explore making new lunches!

In this website, you can explore various areas of learning such as biographies, arts & crafts, short stories, experiments and more:

Writing/ word work/ other

- Journals: I have moved the components of our journal writing to our Google classroom. Reminder: Your child can write to mom, dad or myself. This is also a great time to write a journal to a grandma or grandpa! 

- Comic panels (March break story): Students can continue with this from home or any other topic of your choice. (Students were working on these the week before March break and were loving this learning!) Here is the template students were using for their published copies. (see link)

Fun writing at home! 
- Letter writing: Write to family members. Aunt, uncle, cousin, distant friend?
Students love any kind of paper that you have at home. Scrapbook the letter with creative ideas! (leaves from outside, things from nature)

This web site has a file for letter writing. The author even has a template for making an envelope! As well, on this site, there are some primary themes & units if you have younger ones at home.

Word work: Ask your child to look for 5-10 new words in your house or on a nature walk. Bring those handy sticky notes or a simple note pad.
Choose word work activities from this menu (students have this "menu" at school too). (see link)


- Read to self! Read to a sibling! Read to a parent! Read on line!

Question following reading. Question & response on sticky notes. Kids love these!

Also, see this handout for parent reading tips at home!


Read on line- Here are a few sites.
I love this website because you can choose the story in various languages too!

I like this website because you can choose stories by age. Be sure you also factor in your child's reading level when choosing a story. Assess if the book is "just right" using our class I-PICK model!

I- I choose- Choose a book! 
P- Purpose- Why am I reading this book?
I- Interest- Does this interest me?
C- Comprehension- Do I understand?
K- Know- I know most of the words!

For this resource, you can listen to the stories on the internet and then access this resource for comprehension activities for the stories provided. 

4/ Other auditory stories:

5/ Excellent resource for reading:

6/ Our students love magazines (in class). Check out this for resources:

Oral communication:
1/ ​Create a film (on any application such as I-movie on a favourite of your choice and share this with your family and siblings).

2/ Math talk:
Have a discussion with family members on math concepts. Which one doesn't belong? This activity is sometimes integrated as part of our morning "brain fuel".

Other ways to embrace oral communication: family game nights, skype grandma or grandpa or another family member. Keep communication alive at home!

Media literacy:
I love this website-

Choose a commercial. Ask you child a few advertising questions. Encourage your child to justify his/her thinking. Who is the target audience? What is the main message? Who is the advertising company? Is the commercial an effective message? Why or why not? (Justify)

Some other tips to support your child with literacy at home: There are some great tips in this PDF:

Encourage your child to be a math "doer"! If your child has LEGO at home, he/she could create anything of interest. A great science connection for Grade 5's is to build a structure. Measure it (length, height, area, perimeter), describe it with "math talk", make a Lego scrapbook (take photos and print these in an album) and share this with family. Create a learning challenge with symmetrical designs. The options are endless with LEGO! 

Your child will play with LEGO for hours with these task cards. You can download 250 LEGO task cards!! (access the link below)

For various worksheets from home:
Visit and explore
Note: I am not a big proponent of lots of worksheets, but these can be a useful tool for math practise. 

I love this website for math application!

Pick a concept that your child needs focus on. Excellent videos!

Choose any area that your child needs focus on. Excellent learning!

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives:

Practise multiplication tables:

Learn about various math concepts:

Evening family math talk!

Do you want some other ideas to support your child with math at home?

Note: Math that was in progress before the March break (as linked to Grade 5 curriculum): I have moved this to our Google classroom. Feel free to review these ares of learning. (Practise with numbers, ways to integrate measurement, surveys, graphing, and geometry at home!)


Science: ​ ​​Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms
Look for recycled products at home: Build a bridge at home based on learning in class and previous learning on structures that need to be strong and stable.
Test your bridge. Assess your bridge structure. What would you do differently next time? (reflect!) Note: This learning task has been posted in our Google classroom.

Study Jam: (A fun learning site for math or science)

Visit Ripley's Believe it or not for science fun at home:

For fun discovery and learning:

Scholastic ScienceFlix:

Social Studies: Taught by Mrs. Priest 

Religion: Lenten journey, prayers, intentions, reflection and meditation- can all be embraced from home! 

Families are welcome to join the St Mary's Parish community, where daily mass is live-streamed on Facebook at 9 am. Thank you Madame O'Connell for sharing this link!
Each mass is then posted to their Youtube channel : Saint Mary's Parish.

Continue to embrace the Lenten journey:
You can visit for liturgy links and lessons while at home.

This month, remind us to forgive others. We know that forgiveness can be hard but we also know that we are called to forgive. Forgiveness brings us closer to YOU!

Physical Education: 
Ask your child to put you through one of our fitness circuits! Keep your family fitness going at home with backyard activities, basketball on your driveway, dog walks, family hikes and with the outdoors! Ask your child to build a family fitness course in your yard! 

Embrace a fitness break with your family at home (of course, this is second best to being outside!)

Health: Look at food labels and charts at home. Cut these out from food products and compare which are healthier and why? Do some spring cleaning in your food cupboards along the way! :):) Guide your child to look at expiry dates, to sort and get rid of the old stuff! :)

Taught by Madame O'Connell 


The Arts (Visual Arts): Indefinite ways to explore art at home! Recycle and reuse crafts and supplies at home.

Explore websites where kids can create digital art:

Our students love this for a quick transition activity!

My nephews like this web site:
Lunch Doodles with Mo Williams

DRAMA- n/a

 Balloons MARCH birthdays:

               Caden- March 2nd, Emily- March 26th,
Dylan- March 20th
Emily & Dylan: May you enjoy special birthdays at home!